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Ellis and Bellinger Veterinary Services

Equine Reproduction

We offer full breeding soundness exams, tracking estrus, manipulation, pregnancy checks, twin elimination (pinching), and artificial insemination.  We can also track mares progress so we can send to a stallion for live cover when appropriate, allowing her to stay on farm until she is ready. 

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Small Animal Dentistry

Just like people, dogs and cats get dental disease too.  Most dogs and cats benefit from regular teeth cleaning.  Not only do clean teeth promote good breath, they also promote good health--from healthy hearts, to better digestive function, to kidney health.  Small animal dentals start at $95 including gas anesthesia. 

Small animal medicine

A variety of illnesses can be diagnosed at Ellis and Bellinger Veterinary Clinic.  From aplastic anemia to zinc toxicity and everything in between - we've got you covered!  In-house radiology (x-ray) and ultrasound, and fast laboratory service, as well as in-house diagnostics, allow us to diagnose quickly!

But we prefer to prevent disease before it starts---Ask about a wellness plan today!

Herd health

We offer complete consultation and treatment for a variety of preventable conditions in food animals as well as our equine patients.  Talk to us about what vaccinations are needed, as well as nutrition, housing, and reproductive questions. 

Lameness evaluation

Lameness is probably the most common ailment of a performance horse.  We have ultrasound and digital radiology (x-ray) that allow us to custom tailor a treatment plan.  Your equine athlete will be  back on top of the game as fast as possible. 

Small animal surgery

We offer spay, neuter, mass (tumor) removals, ocular (eye) surgery, gastric (stomach and intestine), and a variety of other soft tissue surgeries.  We maintain a strong relationship with several specialty surgeons for referral cases. 

Equine Dentistry

We offer complete equine dentistry---far more than just floating teeth.  We take pride in making sure your equine athlete or pet is as comfortable and healthy as possible, and it all starts with a pain free, effective chewing surface.  Equine dentals start at only $95--including sedation!